Fact Check: NO Dangerous Radiation In Slovakia Or Poland From Explosion In Ukraine

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Fact Check: NO Dangerous Radiation In Slovakia Or Poland From Explosion In Ukraine No Radiation

Is there dangerous radiation in Poland after an explosion in the Khmelnytsky region of Ukraine, and is Slovakia also in danger? No that's not true: Although critical infrastructure has been struck by Russian drone attacks on May 13, 2023, the level of radiation has been confirmed by Polish, Slovak, and Ukrainian authorities to be within limits, and no reputable source has reported the use of nuclear weapons there. Although higher levels of Bismuth have been recorded in Lublin, Poland, it is linked to heavy precipitation, not the attack.

The claim appeared in a video (archived here) published on TikTok by @zuzanazuzanov on May 19, 2023, under the caption "The National Atomic Energy Agency of Poland published information yesterday, that one day after the explosion of a munition deposit, there has been a 7-fold increase in the specific isotope of bismuth in the air in Lublin. Where was the munition with depleted uranium!?". It stated:

Polish National Atomic Energy Agency has warned that there has been an increase in a specific isotope, bismuth, in the town of Lublin a day after an explosion in Ukraine...Our representatives, the president, the PM, and the ministers should work hard to reassure the Slovak citizens, that our children and us parents are safe from danger if the wind blows our way because I'm sure it is not just Poland that was in danger from this situation [the explosion in Ukraine], but also Slovakia, Hungary and other countries neighboring Ukraine.

This is what the post looked like on TikTok at the time of writing:

TikTok screenshot

(Source: TikTok screenshot taken on Tue May 23 13:12:45 2023 UTC)

The head of the Ternopil regional military administration, Volodymyr Trush, also said, according to hromadske.ua, that "no munitions exploded during the missile threat. There is no enriched or depleted uranium in Ternopil". Claims that a Nato munition deposit exploded in the region have also been proven false.

There was also a TikTok video claiming dangerous radiation in the Slovak city of Košice, however, there were no recorded high levels of radiation in the country or the region.

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