Fact Check: This Picture Does NOT Prove That Slovak Politician Lucia Plavakova Is A Member Of The Open Society Foundation

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Fact Check: This Picture Does NOT Prove That Slovak Politician Lucia Plavakova Is A Member Of The Open Society Foundation Not A Member

Does this photograph show Slovak politician Lucia Plavakova as a member of the Open Society Foundation? No, that's not true: The photograph does not prove Ms. Plavakova is a member of the NGO founded by George Soros.

The misleading TikTok video employs a photograph as evidence, sourced from Alexander Soros's official Instagram account. In the picture, Soros is seen posing with irs.ua, a Ukrainian NGO affiliated with the OSF network. However, the photograph does not depict the Slovak politician nor make any reference to her; instead, it vaguely resembles her appearance.Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 17.39.37.png

Lucia Plavakova, who has been implicated by a rival party, Smer SD, on July 4, 2023, released a video on Instagram (archived here) confirming that she is not acquainted with any of the individuals in the image. She explicitly stated that the woman featured in the group photo was not her. Furthermore, a search for the phrase "Lucia Plaváková Open Society Foundation", using Google News' index of thousands of credible news sites did not reveal any factual reports that she is an OSF member.

The claim originated from a video (archived here) on TikTok published by @smer_sd_tiktok on June 29, 2023, with a title that, translated from Slovak to English by Lead Stories, reads:

Is Lucia Plavakova a member of the Open Society Foundation as its new CEO Alexandr Soros claims?

This is what the post looked like on TikTok at the time of writing:

Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 17.50.02.png

(Source: TikTok screenshot taken on Fri Jul 7 15:47:14 2023 UTC)

Lucia Plavakova is a lawyer and a human rights activist, dedicating her efforts to the LGBTI community to which she provides free legal advice. She is a member of the Presidium of the Progressive Slovakia political party. Plavakova works in a law firm and is a co-founder of the Rainbow Families NGO.

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